Players must contact the Interclub representative (Bob Fournier or Bob Burns or Mike Archambault) and your skip) as much advance notice as possible if you cannot play so a spare can be assigned at an early date. ALL SPARES ARE DECIDED by Interclub Representative ONLY.

Skips are to arrange team transportation for away games. Team members pay the drivers the following amounts to cover the cost of gas; $5.00 for games at Mont-Bruno, Laval, St. Lambert and Rosemère (you should also cover the tool fee if you go by highway 30), $4.00 for games at Royal Montreal, Ville Mont-Royal, Montreal West and Lachine and $3.00 for games at Glenmore, Pointe Claire and Baie d’Urfé. Passengers should also pay a share of the parking fees at Royal Montreal.

IMPORTANT - This season a new rule: “5 rock rule”

Under the five-rock rule, teams are not permitted to eliminate their opponent’s rocks that are sitting in the free guard zone until five stones have been played in every end. Players can still hit the guards; they just aren’t allowed to knock them out of play. This is a change in the current rules in that the free guard zone now only is in effect for the first four stones.

A reminder email will be sent to all team members 3 days before a game. Please take note in the reminder email of the hosting club phone number in case you need to contact them due to unforeseen delays.

There is timbits, coffee (plus a shot of something stronger (likely Rum) for those who wish it, served at 09:30 prior to the games which start at 10:00.

The cost of lunch is $12.00 per player which is to be collected by the skips. This charge is due from all players as a meal is prepared for everyone. Take note of this ruling: for all games any player/team that ‘do not show up’ for a game is liable for the lunch expense of $12.00 as the club as already incurred the cost.

It is the custom in these games for the winning team members to offer their opposite number on the losing team a drink after the game. The losing team members then reciprocate when appropriate. Please ensure that this practice is continued. Not to do so is considered most unfriendly.

Skips be sure to report back the score of the day as I have to send it in every week.