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The Crockart Play-Offs are over. We were treated to some fantastic curling in the process of deciding the winning team.

In the semi-finals the fourth place Team Langdon once again rose to the occasion and eliminated the First Place

Team St-Denis. The other semi-final went to an extra end after Team Ruiter made a raise take-out and stick in the fourth

end and then a raise to the button in the 6th end to tie the game. Team Hatrick was left with a very narrow port take-out

in the extra end that just over-curled 1/4 inch to end their chances of winning.

Between games Joan Hughes, who is retiring after 15 years as manager at the Legion was recognized and thanked for

all her work by the Hardy Rocks and presented with a case for her iPad.

Thanks once again to Fred and Jeanette Albert for looking after our hot dog lunch and to Mike Sheppard for keeping the

refreshments flowing.

The final game was back and forth with both teams making some great shots. Team Ruiter was left once again with a long

raise to the button to possibly win or tie the game in the eighth end but just came up short. Congratulations to

Team Langdon pushing through from 4th place to take the title.

Current standings (last update: 2018/03/08)

Crockhart 2018 Stats 12 Teams 10 days.xlsx

Draw schedule and results (last update: 2018/03/08) (NOTE: to print the schedule go to the bottom of the page and select or download the file of the schedule with the arrow at the right hand side and then print)

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Crockhart 2018 Schedule 12 Teams 10 days.xlsx

Team rosters

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