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Hardy Rock Doubles have been put to bed for another season. In the semi-finals, Paul Rainbow and Joan Bazar were victorious over Bill Hesketh and Derek Halbert while Bob Cameron and Neil Tomiuk defeated Bill Atkins and Ken Gorham. Rainbow and Bazar chose to keep the same sheet of ice leaving Cameron and Tomiuk with the hammer in the final game of the season. Cameron and Tomiuk made no mistake and jumped to an early lead of 5 - 0 after 4 ends of play. With 2 ends left in the game Cameron and Tomiuk were still up by 4 points. Rainbow and Bazar took 2 in the 7th and 2 more in the 8th end to finish the game in a tie and leaving the deciding point to a cold draw to the button. Paul Rainbow out-drew Bob Cameron to give the final victory to Paul Rainbow and Joan Bazar.


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