General information

 Here is the schedule for the Memorial Draw., You will note that there are only three draws per day so the time for the first rock of the eighth end is just before 2 hours from the time you started. (Check rules and etiquette) . We will pebble and nip before the third draw. If it appears to be a problem to get the pebble and nip done we may change the start time of the third game to 14:15 but for now it is 14:00 or 2 pm.

Good Curling!!

 Latest news and info

 Team Hesketh defeated team Timm and Team Langdon defeated team Robinson in the semifinals on Tuesday Feb 13 leaving the two of them to battle it out in the finals. A good crowd was on hand to see Team Langdon (third place team) go on to defeat Team Hesketh in the finals. Congratulations to Team Langdon and thanks to all the participants, spectators who were present and Fred & Jeanette for the lunch. It was a great draw.

 Current standings (last update: 2018/02/08)


Memorial 2018 Stats.xlsx

  Draw schedule and results (last update: 2018/02/08)


Memorial 2018 Schedule 11 days.xlsx

 Team rosters


Memorial Teams 20181226.xlsx