Crockart Champions

Post date: Mar 12, 2019 11:46:28 AM

The results are in and Team Cameron has come through to take the Crockart Draw. Team Langdon

had a tough battle with Team Spriggs to get to the finals. Then they took the lead in the final game

but Team Cameron tied it up after 5 ends. Team Langdon took 3 in the 6th end to put all kinds of

pressure on team Cameron but they pushed back strongly to take 3 points in the 7th to tie it up one

more time. Both teams were feeling the pressure in the 8th end (and there were a few misses) but

Team Cameron came through in the clutch. There was quite a gaggle of fans behind the glass and

everyone really enjoyed the competition and the hot dogs. Thanks once again to Fred Albert for

doing kitchen duty and the team of Moe Lafoley, Yves Gauthier and Richard Little for getting things