Closed for the season due to Covid-19

Post date: Mar 25, 2020 11:46:30 AM

The decision has been made to close curling for the season.

There are few pieces of information that I feel we have to pass on to everyone.

1. Since there were only two games played so far this year the Beliveau draw is completely cancelled.

2. The Doubles draw has Bob Cameron and Claude Turmel in first place, John Spriggs and Sylvie Barriault are in second place

however they defeated Cameron / Turmel in regular play. So at the start of next year there will be a one game play-off for the

Doubles championship.

3. Jim Markham is working on a play-off schedule for the start of next year to finish off the 2019-2020 ladder competition.

4. All the prizes for the second half of the season will be presented at a super Christmas party next year.

5. The curling club as a whole is planning an opening banquet for next fall.

6. The interclub finished with Pointe Claire in first place and Hudson Legion 12th out of 13 teams.

7. PLEASE NOTE: As far as the ice being straight and not curling from the outside-in, an experiment was done with sharpening half the rocks

The unsharpened rocks went straight or with 6 inches of curl. The sharpened rocks curled 5 ft.+ outside-in, on the same line. The rocks will be

sharpened for next year.

The fact remains that our rocks are around 60 years old and need to be replaced. The striking bands are finished. The curling executive is looking at embarking on a

18 month purchase plan. The replacement of the rocks will cost in the ballpark of $18,000. In addition to the usual donation to the Legion at the end of the season

the Hardy Rock executive will be donating some of the surplus funds towards the purchase of new rocks.

Stay healthy and safe and have a great summer.