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The 2020 Memorial Draw has come to a close. About 24 spectators were behind the glass to watch the semi-finals. The game between Team Rowland and Team Rainbow was tied after 7 ends, however a miss on a takeout by Team Rowland gave the win to Team Rainbow. On sheet 1 Team Hatrick and Team Devine were tied after 8 Ends. A skip's draw to the button decided that semi-final in favour of Team Hatrick.

Team Hatrick got their choice of rink and continued their excellent play. Although Team Rainbow was making a come-back in the last two ends they couldn't overcome the lead that Team Hatrick built up. The winners were Team Hatrick. Congratulations!

The spectators had a great time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Fred Albert's club rolls. Thanks to everyone that helped out.

Rainbow defeated Hatrick during the regular draw so Rainbow is in first place. Rowland defeated Spriggs in the last game of the draw so Rowland is in the finals in second place on the Blue side.

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