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Team Rainbow and Team Cameron easily maintained their standings as number one and two by defeating Team Rowland and Team Leblanc in the semi-finals. Team Rainbow had the choice of rink due to their higher standing and chose to stay on the tricky sheet one. With their intimate knowledge of that sheet of ice they were able to emerge victorious in the final of the Len Beliveau Draw. Team Cameron consisting of Bob Cameron, Bob Fournier, Bryan Fritz & Susie Giles and Jim Lacey came in second place.

The Len Beliveau trophy was presented by John Spriggs.

The finals have been set for the Len Beliveau trophy. Team Rainbow with the hammer will play Team Rowland on Sheet one and Team Cameron will have the hammer and play Team Leblanc on sheet two. The semifinals will start at 9:00 am and will be 6 ends. If tied, the skips will make a draw to the button. After a short pause the finals will be 8 ends. The higher ranked team will have the choice of sheet or hammer. If tied at the end of 8 the skips will throw a draw to the button.

Dinner / lunch will be served at 13:00 hrs. Come early and cheer on your favourite team.,

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