Virtual Season

Your Hardy Rock Committee wants to wish you all a SAFE and Happy Holiday. 

The winter season is going to be long this year without any actual curling but we have come 

up with a way to keep the Hardy Rock spirit alive for the rest of the curling season. We can get 

together using ZOOM once a week to start with; to have a coffee together, have some 

conversation and have a curling trivia contest. We will form curling teams of 4 players and 

each player will have to give their answer to the questions. The score for each team will be 

totaled up each week so we will be able to see which team is in the lead. At the end of the 

contest there will be a play-off to determine the winners. We suggest that you study the

Hardy Rock website as the questions will be about curling in general but also about our

club and our members. (a good grounding in our club information will give you a big

advantage towards getting the prizes for the winning team). We are thinking of holding

the games at 9am either Tuesday or Wednesday. Don't forget you don't have to go outside

in the cold, shovel the drive or even get out of your pyjamas to play. Some example questions are 

listed below. I have included the URL for the sign up list so that our Drawmaster can make up

the teams and I have also included the URL for our website. We hope you will find this interesting 

and want to sign up to talk with your friends at least once a week. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!



Example Questions: 

1. How much does a curling rock weigh?

1.1  45 pounds

1.2  35 pounds

1.3   Between 38 and 44 pounds

1.4   No specific weight

2. Which team won the 2020 Brier

  2.1 Northern Ontario

  2.2 Newfoundland

  2.3 Saskatchewan

  2.4 Alberta

3. Who was the lead on the winning team of the

 Normandeau draw in 2017

  3.1 Jocelyne Beck

  3.2 Bill louch

  3.3  Cam Jobin

  3.4 Marie Larouche

4. What is the normal air temperature in

the curling shed

  4.1  0 degrees

  4.2  2 degrees

  4.3  5 degrees

  4.4   3 degrees