Fall Doubles

The winners have been crowned. Bob Cameron and Bryan Fritz defeated Barry Rowland and Susie Giles in the first round in a game that went an extra end while Terry Connolly and Alan Gibb defeated Alain Caouette and Claude Turmel on the other rink. In the championship round Bob Cameron and Bryan Fritz did not make one mistake as they piled rock after rock into the 4 foot circle. Congratulations to them both.

General Information

The rules for Hardy Rock Doubles are at the bottom of this page.

Latest News and Information

The Winners on the Yellow side are Team Rowland and Team Connolly and the winners on the Blue side are still Team Cameron and Team Caouette but they are completely tied as they played twice and each team won once. Therefore those teams will start with a draw to the button to determine who plays Team Connolly and Team Rowland. The games still start at 9:30 Friday.

Team Roster

20211026 Doubles Teams

Scores and Schedule

20211122 Doubles 12 Games Split 2 groups (2)

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