Virtual Competition #1

General Information

With the continued threat and spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown of all curling in our region it was felt that the Hardy Rocks should do something to give some social interaction to the club members and allow conversation, and some competition at least once a week. Thus was born this virtual competition which allows members to chat together, to actually see one another, and (perhaps?) demonstrate their knowledge of curling and our club. By the way 95% of all the answers to the club questions can be found in the Hardy Rock website. A significant prize will be presented to the eventual winner of the competition.

GOOD LUCK to everyone !

The results are in and the grand winner for our first virtual competition is Neil Tomiuk with 15 points followed by

Chris Poulter with 7 points. Congratulations to both of you.

Scores and Schedule

V Draw 01

Here are the answers for Feb 9

06 Feb 09 answers.pdf

Here are the answers for Feb 2

05 Feb 02 answers.pdf

Here are the answers and scores as of Jan 26 2021

04 Jan 26 answers.pdf

Answers for Jan 19 2021

03 Jan 19 answers.pdf

Other Information