Hot Shots

Once again the pressure of the fourth shot was too much for many of the players, However Team Connolly came through with a magnificent score of 44 on the last day to take the competition.

Congratulations !!!

General Information

This is the general practice session for the same teams as the Normandeau / Ham &Turkey draw for 2021 AND INCLUDES THE SPARES . The rules and the scoring methods follow. There will be three sessions two will be the warm up for the season and the third session will determine who wins the Hot Shots Prizes.

Please check your teams and schedule.

NOTE Teams that are missing players will use the team average for the missing player. The SPARES will use the team average x 4 for the team total if more than 4 players are present.


Hot Shots - Normandeau - H&T Teams

Stats & Schedule

021121 Normandeau + H&T + Hotshots Sched & Stats

Other Information

Day One.pdf
Day Two.pdf