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Game Design


  • Aesthetics and Scalability: Graphics optimised for mobile device; Text/Instructions/scores, clearly legible; buttons large enough to use on touch screen.
  • Usability: Game works regardless of input options (keyboard, touch screen, accelerometer, etc), easy to navigate and play; pause/save options; intuitive; seamless landscape, portrait, and full screen display; leverage and understand the device.
  • Performance: Loads fast, built at 25-30 frames/second, fast start up time.
  • Creative and Marketable: Addictive, unique, can be adopted across multiple audiences.
  • Framework: Built with standards in mind; easy to adapt to other displays quickly with minimal recoding effort; device and player detection, opportunity to integrate with social media.

Your first task is an introduction to game development.

Almost all teenagers are experts in playing electronic games on many types of digital devices. Can we use all these waisted hours spent playing apps to help design the next Angry Birds? You will design and make a simple and fun game app using GameSalad. Firstly you need to complete some GameSalad tutorials to become familiar with the software and then you are free to design and create any game you like, for what ever market you like.

Your success criteria will be: originalitygameplay and simply how much fun they are to play. 

GameSalad Creator is a 2D object oriented tool that allows you to create completely original games 
using a drag and drop interface, enabling you (the user) to create applications for Windows 8, iOS, 
Android, HTML5, and even for the Mac Platform without typing a single line of code! 

Actors and Sounds that you can use to get started can be downloaded for the bottom of this page.

Search YouTube for tutorial videos on how to use GameSalad for Windows.

Follow THIS LINK to download some templates that can get you started. These are also  .zip files so need to be extracted
You can use a template as is, or you can use the image and sound files contained within the game in your own creations.

GameMaker: Studio (originally named Animo and later Game Maker) is a proprietary game creation system created by Mark Overmars in the Delphi programming language.[1]

GameMaker allows users to create a cross-platform video game using drag and drop or a scripting language known as Game Maker Language, which can be used to develop more advanced games that could not be created just by using the drag and drop features. GameMaker was designed to allow novice computer programmers to be able to make computer games without much programming knowledge by use of these actions.

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Download GameMaker and sample games from HERE

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