Planning To Manufacture In India? This Is Why You Need A Manufacturing Consultant

The ‘lean manufacturing’ is a Japanese principle of manufacturing proposed by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota in the 1990s. Earlier it was introduced as a concept for the manufacturing industry but with time it has been applied well into many businesses. The objective lies in reducing wastage and maximizing value for customers.  The lean philosophy aims to reduce 7 types of waste i.e. overproduction, wasting time, resources, transportation, processing, inventory and motion.

Scenario In India

Lean manufacturing in India is still in the infancy stage and the Indian firms are far away from enjoying its complete benefits. The awareness level of Indian firms on lean manufacturing is very low. The concept is largely adopted but only by the big firms. One such example is Tata Motors which has created a success story by launching Nano implementing lean manufacturing. Lean philosophy helped to reduce the cost without compromising on size and comfort. Recently, many apparel firms have also opted for lean manufacturing to compete with European companies.

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Small and Medium-Sized Firms (SMEs) in India are still mostly unaware of lean principle. The lean principles cannot be implemented as-it-is in every industry and therefore the Indian firms need to choose proper tools and techniques according to the work culture, infrastructure availability and working conditions of the specific industry. The competition is very tough and lean principles can prove very beneficial for the Indian manufacturing firms to compete globally. Manufacturing Consultants can help small businesses in India achieve this. It will help them to improve their product quality and reduce the costs along with speeding up the delivery.

One key concept used by Manufacturing Consultants is Job Evaluation.  The process is based on collection and study of information relevant to existing and new positions within an organization which makes it crucial to look Job Evaluation Consultants in India. This process entails several important considerations related to employee positions and managerial positions. Job evaluation is frequently carried out by means of personal interviews, questionnaires or observations and entails gathering of job-related information.

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Lean manufacturing improves efficiency, reduces waste, and increases productivity. The benefits, therefore, are manifold. Lean Coaching Training Consultants are specialists in implementing lean manufacturing in businesses.Here are few benefits:


·         Increased product quality

·         Improved lead times

·         Employee satisfaction

·         Increased profits

·         Sustainability


India is home of a lot of scope in the Manufacturing sector. But the businesses here are unaware of the modern manufacturing techniques. Needless to say, it can be extremely fruitful for these businesses to capitalise on lean manufacturing as and when they can adapt it.

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