Neighborhoods They Settled In:  Old Brooklyn, Westpark, Tremont, Collinwood, Goodrich, St. Clair, Union.

First Immigrants 1880's


The first Slovenians came to Cleveland between the 1880's and 1914.  The first Slovenians settled in the Newburgh area.  The oldest Slovenian settlement was in the vicinity of E. 81st between Union and Aetna.  They also settled along St. Clair between E. 30th and E. 79th Streets.  They have built four Catholic churches:  St. Vitus founded in 1893 (serving the St. CLair community); St. Lawrence founded in 1901 in the Newburgh area; St. Mary’s Church organized in 1905 and located at Holmes and E. 156th St.; St. Christine founded in 1925 at E. 222nd Street in Euclid, Ohio.  Two small communities developed on the west side, one in West Park and the other in the Denison neighborhood.

1942 Report by the WPA:

Most of the Cleveland Slovenian settlers belonged to the industrial worker group who arrived between 1900 and 1914.  The oldest Slovenian settlement was in the vicinity of E. 81st Street between Union Avenue and Aetna Road.  Other Slovenes settled along St. Clair Avenue between E. 30th and E. 79th Streets.  The Collinwood and Nottingham neighborhoods also have Slovenian residents.  A number of Slovenians families lived near the brickyards in the Brooklyn area and quite a few have settled in the industrial suburbs of South Euclid and Euclid.  There are also Slovenes living in the West Park area around W. 130th Street near Lorain Avenue.  The Slovenes dominant religion is Roman Catholic.  St. Vitus Church was founded in 1893 at E. 61st Street and Glass Avenue.  It is the oldest and largest Slovenian Roman Catholic Church in the city.  St. Mary’s of the Assumption founded in 1906 is located at 15519 Holmes Avenue.  There is also St. Lawrence at 3540 E. 81st Street near Union Avenue, founded in 1901.  There is also St. Christine’s at E. 222nd in South Euclid founded in 1925.