Neighborhoods They Settled In:  Goodrich, St. Clair

First Immigrants Early 1900's


The Croatians settled around E. 40th Street.  Another area was between E. 26th and E. 31st.  The heart of the old Croatian settlement remains around E. 40th where St. Paul Church and school, built in 1903, are located.  The other Croatian parish, St. Nicholas, was founded in 1902 at Superior and E. 36th.

1942 Report by the WPA:

The second Jugoslav group to come to Cleveland were the Croats or Croatians.  The first Croatian settlement in Cleveland was Old King Street from E. 33rd to E. 40th north of St. Clair.  Today the areas around Waterloo Road in the Nottingham section and St. Clair from E. 40th to E. 60th street as well as parts of W. 25th Street and Superior Avenue in the E. 30th vicinity are the Croatian neighborhoods.  The original Croatian parish centered around St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church at St. Clair and E. 41st Street which was organized in 1902.  There is also St. Paul’s Croatian Roman Catholic Church at E. 40th near St. Clair which was built in 1903.