Great Russians

Neighborhoods They Settled In:  Central, Mount Pleasant, Tremont.

First Immigrants by 1914


By 1914 a number of Great Russians formed a colony around Woodland Ave. and E. 30th.  The number of Great Russians in Cleveland was never very large.  People who called themselves Russians were the Belarusians and Carpatho-Russians.  These two groups were under the control of Russia and the Soviet Union and they were enumerated in the census records as Russians.  St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church in Tremont was built by Carpatho-Russians. 

1942 Report by the WPA:
About 1915 there was a small Russian colony around E. 30th and Woodland Avenue.  About 300 people came to Cleveland but most preferred to live apart from each other and it was not long before this neighborhood lost its Russian character.  The only Great Russian priest in Cleveland is Rev. Jason Kappanadze of St. Theodosius Church.