Neighborhoods They Settled In:  Clark Fulton, Buckeye.

First Immigrants 1905


The Russian revolution of 1905 sent a wave of Latvians to the United States.  Many came to Cleveland and many settled in the Memphis and West 25th area, others on the west side and some in the Southeast Buckeye Road area.  They affiliated with the Roman Catholic church, the Lutheran church, the Baptist Church and a number are Jews, but, the greater number belong to the Lutheran church. 

1942 Report by the WPA:

Since Latvia was part of Russia, emigrants from that country were classified as Russians.  It is impossible to determine the early arrivals of Latvians therefore.  The first Latvian settlers are unknown, however, a number of Latvians lived near the churches in which Latvian services are held.  Two church services are held in the Church of the Master (Baptist) on E. 97th and Euclid, and in Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church at Scranton Road and Seymour.