Neighborhoods They Settled In:  Goodrich.

First Immigrants 1890's


Serbian immigrants began arriving in the 1890's.  Serbian settlements were established in the Broadway area, on the West Side, and in Collinwood.  The largest settlement was located around the first Serbian Orthodox Church in Cleveland.  It was founded in 1918 and built on E. 36th Street.  In June of 1963, St. Sava Church was dedicated on Ridgewood Drive in Parma. 

1942 Report by the WPA:

The smallest of the three Jugoslav groups in Cleveland is the Serbs.  The local Serbian settlement is centered around St. Sava’s Greek Orthodox Church at 1565 E. 36th Street.  The first St. Sava services were held in a private home on E. 33rd in the vicinity of St. Clair.  In 1918 the present church was purchased.