Automatic + On-Demand Email Service

Automates year-round holiday / seasonal and

Birthday Party email marketing!

BMA's Repeat Returns Email is an automatic + on-demand email

marketing service that solves the problem of ongoing customer follow-up.

Bowling Centers can now keep in touch with their most profitable

market segment...their existing customers...without requiring center

staff to do the work or wasting money on a monthly Do It Yourself

email service like Constant Contact that staff may not have time to

use every month.

By switching to a service that offers a combination of fully automatic

email marketing + outsourced on-demand email management, centers

can stay top of mind, delivering offers exactly when the customers

want, and expect to hear from you.

The average 24 lane center has more than 10,000 unique open play

customers visit each year. Imagine if you had an email address for half

of them. That's 5000+ existing customers receiving and acting on

your offers each month.

Let's get you there.

There are 3 major features to this Email Marketing Service...

1. Automatic 3-part Birthday Party promo emails

The campaigns include a 3-part Birthday Party campaign that is sent

to each member of your email list whose child has a birthday. The

messages go out at 8 weeks, 6 weeks and 2 weeks before the child's

birth date, ensuring you are the FIRST and ONGOING birthday party

destination idea.

We can immediately import your existing customer email lists including

your current and past Kids Bowling Program members, Constant

Contact and/or your in-center lists and spreadsheets. Let's put the

data you worked so hard to collect to use every month, automatically.

View example messages here... click here

2. Automatic Year-Round campaigns

Your monthly service includes a powerful set of completely automatic

email campaigns that are sent out based on time of year or the

email list member's important personal dates. Here's a list of some

of the triggered campaigns that will get sent with zero resource

drain from your center staff...

View example messages here... click here

3. On-Demand emails

In addition to the automatic triggered emails, you can request custom

Email Campaigns to promote your events, tournaments, monthly newsletters,

fundraisers or any other topic. The service includes two on-demand

campaigns per month.

The most amazing part of this feature is that you are not required

to create the campaigns and manage sending them as is the case

with email marketing services like Constant Contact where you

are... completely on your own.

With the On-Demand feature, you call your assigned Marketing

Coordinator or use a simple online submit form. Tell your Coordinator the

basic details about the message you need to promote and your Coordinator

will take care of creating your email campaigns. They will send you proofs

until you are happy with the final content, and then they manage the send

process for you.

Imagine picking up the phone and telling someone else to do your

marketing. That's what you get.

View example messages here... click here


Cost... $149 a month

There are no contracts, just great service to keep your business.

For this price you are solving your pain-in-the-neck recurring email

marketing (like monthly birthday party promotion) plus you get real,

live people to handle your on-demand email marketing needs.


Next Step...

If you want to try it, it's an easy monthly service - no long term contracts.

Just send us your email list(s) and we will get the ball rolling so that

in just a few days we can start consistently communicating with your

most important revenue source - your existing customers. Or call

us with any questions.

Call Chris at 800-603-3985

BMA Marketing Wolcott, CT

PS - Take a look at an actual "campaign setup complete" message to

get an idea of the thrill and relief a center experiences when they are told

their automated Email Service is up and running and promoting their

center 24 / 7 / 365 without center staff lifting a finger... click here