Repeat Returns

Repeat Returns merges automatic email / text / social media marketing

plus loyalty and gift into a single system.

I believe the automatic marketing features position Repeat Returns as

the "right service" for BMA client centers that use Merchant Coupons.

I have always wanted to see the thousands of new bowlers who come in

with a merchant coupon go into a follow-up system with the features that

Repeat Returns contains...true auto-pilot marketing and new customer

development processes.

Here's a quick video overview...

The features are powerful yet easy to understand...

Bowling Centers using Repeat Returns (incomplete list)...

- Oasis Lanes (MO)

- Ross Cottom Lanes (IL)

- Salem Bowl (IL)

- SI Bowl (IL)


- Customer Lifetime Value calculator

- Search Google using "" (or click here)

to see the thousands of businesses who have embedded Repeat

Returns into their websites and Facebook pages.

Next Step...

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customer communication to increase visits frequency and grow your

average ticket.

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