Bowling Center Marketing

An introduction

Thanks for visiting our site. BMA Marketing assists small and medium sized organizations with the planning and end-to-end execution of business development campaigns with a focus on bowling centers, nationwide.

Why we get hired

Our specialty is filling empty lanes with New Bowlers, Company Outings and Birthday Parties by placing 120,000 coupons across 24 high-traffic merchants like McDonald's.

We multiply our clients' marketing dollars 3 to 10 times.

Your closest prospects will see the coupons for 3+ months. TV, newspapers and online ads can be too broad and only last days.

Our remarkable difference

Unlike our competitors or in-center marketing efforts, we focus only on high-traffic merchants and our program includes ongoing merchant contact, coupon data-entry and monthly email follow-up to your coupon users...at about half the cost.


Check out the video above and then click the link for more detail and to see what centers are reporting... Click here

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