Inauguration of Tech Amateur IT Club

On 16.6.2022- Department of Computer Science had organized the Inauguration of Tech Amateur IT Club . Dr.Neetu Ganapathy , Associate Professor in Business Communication and Information Systems at the SDM Institute for Management Development (SDM-IMD), Mysore was the Chief Guest

Dr. Neetu Ganapathy inaugurated the IT Club and delivered a session on the topic BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS. Professor Ganapathy briefed on various areas such as Education , Real Estate, Voting , Supply Chain, Finance , Healthcare where block chain technology is used. The benefits of Block Chain such as security, Trusted Transaction, Transparency were made known to the students.

During this occasion the 25th issue of Bi Annual Newsletter was released by Principal Prof. Sainath Malligemadu. Prizes for the winners of various competitions organized during the academic year 2020-21 were distributed by the Chief Guest Dr Neetu Ganapathy. Professor Sainath Malligemadu presided over the function. Smt K S Sukrutha, Head, Department of Computer Science and other Staff members were present.