Dowel Pinning

Step 1:

Mark off a 4" piece of stock to cut ... you will need two this length

Step 2:

Mark a line on the piece that you want the dowel pins to go in using a square and then measure the same distance from the edge of each size. In the example below, I measured 3/8" from each edge:

Step 3:

Select the correct drill size for the dowel you will be using. The holder has each drill bit measured along with the corresponding dowel diameter:

Step 4:

Drill your hole. Be sure to use a clamp to hold the stock in place as these are relatively small pieces of wood.

Do not drill all the way through the pice without a piece of sacrificial stock underneath.

Step 5:

Mark the centre of the second piece of wood as shown below:

BE SURE to mark your line up and around the sides of both pieces of wood as shown above.

Step 6:

Place the center marking dowel pins into the holes you already drilled, and then line up the lines on both pieces of wood.

Then transfer the markings to the end of the second piece of wood by tapping on it with a hammer. Ask Mr. Nannan for more clarification if needed:

Once the outer lines are lined up, and you have hit the top piece of stock with a hammer (gently) the result is seen below, the dowel centres (metal pieces) will make a indentation on the stock you hit with the hammer ... this indentation marks the centre of the hole to be drilled:

Step 7:

Drill the second set of holes that should match and line up the first pair of holes that you drilled. Put some dowel pins through the holes and show Mr. Nannan so he can mark how well they line up: