Scale Factor, Similarity, SA & Volume

These notes and problems will be the springboard to determining the size of your house build this year!!


1a - Scale Factor - Reductions and Enlargements

1b - Ratios

2 - Angle Pair Relations

3 - Parallel Lines

4 - Angles in Triangles

5 - Similar Triangles I

6 - Similar Triangles II

7 - Similar Triangles III

Practice Problems

Math Links Text - 4.1 - Enlargements and Reductions

Math Links Text - 4.2 - Scale Diagrams

Parallel Lines and Angles

Angles in Triangles

Similar Triangles


Parallel Lines and Angles SOLUTIONS

Angles in Triangles SOLUTIONS

Similar Triangles SOLUTIONS

Unit Assignment/Project

To Be Posted - MUST show all calculations to show what scaled model of house will be . . .


Math Scenarios


Surface Area Practice

  • Intro Assignment
    • Mixed Shapes (Must calculate Area & Perimeter on 4 shapes)
      • Mixed Shapes KEY (perimeter included)
    • Compound Shapes I (Must calculate Area & Perimeter on 3 shapes)
      • Compound Shapes I KEY (perimeter and area)
    • Compound Shapes II (Must calculate Area and Perimeter on 3 shapes)
      • Compound Shapes II KEY (perimeter and area)
  • Toilet Paper Geometry
    • One student from each group must bring in a roll of toilet paper from home
      • Be sure to record ANY information from the packaging used to market the toilet paper!!!
    • Student Activity Sheet

Unit Assignment/Project II