Scale Factor & Similarity

These notes and problems will be the springboard to determining the size of your house build this year!!


1a - Scale Factor - Reductions and Enlargements

1b - Ratios

2 - Angle Pair Relations

3 - Parallel Lines

4 - Angles in Triangles

5 - Similar Triangles I

6 - Similar Triangles II

7 - Similar Triangles III

Practice Problems

Math Links Text - 4.1 - Enlargements and Reductions

Math Links Text - 4.2 - Scale Diagrams

Parallel Lines and Angles

Angles in Triangles

Similar Triangles

Solving problems with Similar Triangles


Parallel Lines and Angles SOLUTIONS

Angles in Triangles SOLUTIONS

Similar Triangles SOLUTIONS

Solving Similar Triangle Problem SOLUTIONS


The first half of this video goes through classifying 4 sided polygons

The second half of the video explains how each of the angles are related!