Rational Numbers

In this unit students will review and learn different classifications for number sets and then move on to operations involving each of the number sets.


  1. Classifying Real Numbers - presentation
  2. Equivalent Fractions - presentation


  1. Unit Analysis WS 1 (answers at bottom of back)
  2. Unit Analysis WS 2 (answers at bottom of back)
  3. MathLinks WS 2.1: Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
  4. MathLinks WS 2.2: Problem Solving Decimals and Integers
  5. MathLinks WS 2.3: Problem Solving Fractions and Integers
  6. Extra Practice(3.3 Math Makes Sense WS): Subtracting Fractions and Integers
  7. Adding Integers - ONLY do #4,5 (rest is extra practice)
  8. Subtracting Integers - Extra Practice ONLY
  9. Multiplying Integers - ONLY do # 3, 4, 5, 6
  10. Dividing Integers - ONLY do # 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  11. Order of Operations I (Lesson 5)
  12. Order of Operations II (Lesson 6)
  13. Order of Operations III (Lesson 7)
  14. 3.1 Rational Number Review
  15. 3.2 Adding Rationals Word Problems
  16. 3.3 Subtracting Rationals Word Problems
  17. 3.4 Multiplying Rationals Word Problems
  18. 3.5 Dividing Rationals Word Problems
  19. 3.6 Order of Operations Word Problems


When solving Word Problems, extract and organize information using the GREASERS method:

  • Given (write down what each number in the questions represents)
  • Required (write down what the questions is asking AND what information you need to find it)
  • Estimate (make an upper and lower limit guess that your answer should fit into)
  • Analysis (determine what equations or processes are needed to find the answer)
  • Solve (do the math ... find your answer using your plan)
  • Estimation Review (compare your answer to the original estimate ... do you need to double check your work? was your answer close to the estimate? why or why not?)
  • Sentence (give your final answer in sentence form)