Now to make the Tenon half of the mortise and tenon joint

Of course, bigger is better:

In the first section you need to determine how many boards of 2X6 are needed.

For example:

If you are making a 15" wide table with 24" long boards THEN you will need a minimum of three 2X6's

To calculate the board feet needed:

Add the total length of all the boards needed (24 + 24 + 24 ... or three groups of 24) which in our case will be 70"

Divide the total length by 12" (twelve inches in every foot)

70"/12" is 6 feet. This means you will need six foot long board to make the entire top

(well, a little more than that once you account for the kerf when cutting each piece)

In the Leg Planning section. You will need to draw how much waste material is left after the legs are cut out of a 2X4

Be sure to account for the kerf from the table saw!! this will be 1/8".

The diagram to the left shows the overhang (offset).

While we will not be building a large dinner table, the general ideas for planning is the same.

So you need to decide how much of an overhang you would like, this will be used to determine the distances between the legs

The distances between the legs will then be used to deterien the table suports (piecesc connecting the legs)

Look at the example table in class to compare your drawing to!

Finally use all of your lengths to determine the total board feet needed to complete your project!