Submit your Design

Cricut Design Space™ allows you to share your projects.

Step 1.

To share a project, make sure the project has been saved and then open the project on the design screen.

Step 2.

To respect the intellectual property rights of others, projects containing Cut What You Want™ uploaded images and images that are no longer purchasable cannot be shared. You can see if your project is shareable by going to the file menu and selecting the “My Projects.”

A project is sharable if you see a check mark under the column marked “Public”. If it is unchecked, you can only access your project from this account.

Step 3.

Return to the design screen. Select the project’s web address (URL) by clicking in the address bar of your browser to highlight the web address. Copy the URL with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-C” for PC users or “Command-C” for MAC users.

Step 4.

Share the project with Mr. Nannan by pasting the URL in an email to Once you’ve copied the URL, you can paste it using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-V” for PC users or “Command-V” for MAC users.

In your email Subject line, be sure to have your class section!!