Environmental Chemistry

Unit WorkBook - Use this as a guide for the majority of the topics that we will be covering this unit. I suggest, that you pre-learn vocabulary!!!

TextBook Pages, Quizlet and other things to read

Full Unit - Environmental Chemistry

Topic I - A Hair Raising Dilemma

Topic II - A Growing Concern

Topic 2 - Question 2 ... The Borneo Problem

Topic III - How Do You Spell Relief?

Topic IV - How Much Is Too Much?

Topic V - Getting Away From it All

Topic VI - NIMBY - There Is No AWAY in Throwing

Front of Package Labelling - Health Canada Engagement Meeting

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill


Bill Nye Nutrition Video NOTES

Bill Nye Nutrition Video LINK

Fertilizers and Pesticides (PRESENTATION)

Fertilizers (NOTES)

Pesticides (NOTES)

Eutrophication - Overall Process

NIMBY: Landfill Design/Catalytic Converters and Scrubbers


Carbon Cycle Jigsaw Activity

Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Reserves - Use this link to find the size of the reserves for each part of the cycle

The Nitrate Problem

Solving the Nitrate Problem ANSWERS for questions 1-8

Calculating Concentration (parts per million and parts per billion)

River City Case Study

Acid Base video NOTES/Quiz

Acid Base video Download

Take Home Quiz

Take Home Quiz KEY

C3 TEST: Analyze Mechanisms of Chemical Distribution BREAKDOWN

Unit Exam