Math 9

Math 9 this year will also be learned through physical representation of the concepts that we are learning.

We will also be looking more closely at how foundational learning of math facts will make you a more fluent mathematician. Similar to site words when learning reading, we will be looking at some facts that students must memorize!

Our focus will be to describe patterns in numbers using operations and extrapolating those patterns using equations.

Math 9 is a course that is designed for self-motivated student that are able to pace themselves with the goal of entering Grade 10 next year. Students who want to enroll in Math 10C should be setting a goal of achieving greater than an EMG (about 65%) in Math 9. Students who average lower than EMG should look at entering a Math 10-4 program. The best indicator of success in this course is dedication to hard work, self-discipline, and the ability to set time and concept oriented goals that are achievable. In order to achieve these goals, the student must attend all classes and ask questions as they arise.

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