Circuits Lab 7

Motors Vs. Generators

Quizlet Link for Lab 7 - Motors & Generators

Lab 7A

Click on the link to go to the Learn Alberta site that shows you how to make a motor from simple supplies: LEARN ALBERTA LINK

Lab 7B

The video to the right gives a good step by step process for building the motor, along with a couple of tricks (like using electrical tape)

Why do you think it was important to sand one side of the wire?

Keep in mind, for Lab 7B, you are NOT told how to make the DC motor! Find other resources and create your own materials list and procedure ... Here is another version that should give you the same outcome from the site

Lab 7 Marking Criteria

  • MAS - successfully built motor and generator (windmill)
  • ADV - successfully built motor
  • LIM>PRG - could not build either, mark based on completion of terminology and questions/reflection.