To start the year, students will be researching the biodiversity of an area of their choice.

Below are the vocabulary terms that we will be using this term ... I suggest that you pre-learn these, so that you are able to participate in class discussions more freely!


Biodiversity Unit WorkBook - You will need to know ALL of the new terminology from this work book.

Biodiversity Assignment 1 (Map) - Follow the rubric provided for your area of study.

Biodiversity Assignment 2 - Be sure to link all of your answers to your area of study!

Niche and Symbiosis WorkSheet

Niche Symbiosis KEY

Biodiversity Unit Workbook KEY

Topics 3-5 Quiz BREAKDOWN

Science Focus Text Book


1 - Population Distribution Activity Notes

2 - Niche - Symbiosis NOTES

3 - Diversity Index NOTES

3b - Diversity Index Calculation