Reaction Rates

Based on the timed demo's of combusting ethanol in a test tube vs a 50mL beaker vs a petri dish ... how can you explain the different rates?

Factors Effecting Reaction Rates

  1. Concentration of Reactants
  2. Temperature of Reactants
  3. Agitation
  4. Changing Surface Area exposed
  5. Catalysts
  6. Inhibitors

This video shows a grain silo exploding.

What factors changed to allow the reactants to react so vigerously?

Explain using the particle theory of matter.

The video on the left below was taken with the FLIR camera to show the thermal image of the exploding Grain Silo demo. The video on the right, is a repeat without the FLIR camera.

Go on to your MyBlueprint and explain why the pile of grain did not give a large flame (and definitely did not explode) as compared to the grain dust that was dispersed in the ice cream bucket ...