Circuits Lab 6

Electrochemical Cells & Batteries

Daniel Cell

    • A Daniell Cell is based on the premise that the two solutions (electrolyte solutions) want to be electrically neutral. This is achieved by the salt bridge!
    • Watch the video to see how electrons are passed from one electrode to the other in order to create ions in the solutions ...

Zinc-Carbon Battery

For less sciency people, we would say that this is what most "A", "AAA", "C" or "D" batteries are made of ... Fortunately, we are more sciency than most, so we would say that this is what an "A", "AAA", "C" or "D cell is made from!!! The differences in these two materials used (zinc and manganese oxide) creates a potential difference of about 1.5V.

Learn Alberta Links:

The 9V Battery

Yes, its actually a battery ... not just a single cell!!!

Watch the Disassembling a 9V Battery video to the right to see what makes this a battery, and not just a cell!

Penny Power

Use the ideas presented in this short video to create a battery using household items!

Shock & Awe: The Story of Electricity. - BBC

Lab 6 Marking Criteria

  • MAS - Votage greater than 1.5V
  • ADV - Voltage between: 1.0V < V < 1.5
  • LIM>PRG - Voltage of less than 1.0V and based on completion of terminology and video questions/reflections