Transformations & Symmetry

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Transformations Work Book

  • Use the QR codes to find the correct ordered pair solutions ... you will need to graph solutions independently before submitting to Mr. Nannan OR click on this link to download a copy of the key (this version has the graphs done as well, not just the image coordinates)

Line and Rotational Symmetry Work Book

  • Line & Rotational Symmetry WB KEY


In this type of transformation, you are simply moving all of the x-coordinates by the same amount AND/OR moving the y-coordinate by the same amount:

  • Point A at location (3, 3) is moved to the right one space:
    • A' would now be at (4, 3)

Khan Academy Transformations Intro Page

Reflecting Shapes

A rotation is a transformation where each vertices in a figure is reflected across a given line. Keep in mind that:

      • x-axis has an equation of y = 0
      • y-axis has an equation of x = 0


A rotation is another transformation where each vertices in a figure is rotated a given number of degrees around a specific point on the cartesian plane.

Dilations: Expanding

Dilations: Contracting

Dilations & Scale Factor

Congruent Shapes & Transformations