Counseling Department

Welcome to the Kreutz Creek Counseling Department

Mrs. Crowell

Elementary School Counselor

Dear Kreutz Creek Family,

Your child participated in a back-to-school lesson with the School Counselor. During the lesson, your child learned some very important lessons that we would like to share with you.

Your child learned...

That it is OKAY to have any feeling or emotion (sad, happy, mad, frustrated etc.) as long as he/she does not hurt, with words or actions, him/herself, others or things.

That there is a magic friend number. The magic friend number is ONE. Each child should have at least one good friend that he/she can talk to, play with, and just be with.

That calling names hurts people’s feelings. We all were given a name and have a name we prefer to be called. We need to be respectful of others and use only that preferred name.

That there are adults who are here to help him/her. Sometimes he/she needs adult help and sometimes he/she has the tools to handle the situation on his/her own.

 Report it!  SafeSchools Alert is our district’s tip reporting service.  If you have information about a threat to our safety, do your part and report it!  And remember, you can remain anonoymous.  Reports tips on bullying, intimidation, harassment, weapons, drugs, other.   

Stop_Walk_Talk .pdf