Stadium and Track Usage

Eastern York High School's Public Track Usage

The Eastern York School Board of Directors has established rules and regulations for the use of the stadium field and running track. The coaches, players, teachers, students, and community members are asked to follow these rules and regulations to ensure the field and track are kept safe and free of damages. Violators of these rules and regulations may be asked to leave the premises or have usage of the stadium track and field revoked.

Public Track Usage

The stadium track will be available for public use on school days between 3:30 PM and dusk, and between 6:00 AM and dusk on other days, except when in use for school activities. This schedule is subject to change without notice.

Please observe the following guidelines:

Turf Field Usage

Usage of the field-turf surface is prohibited without written consent in accordance with Eastern York School District policy 707.

Please observe the following guidelines:

The Eastern York community has made a significant investment in these facilities to meet the athletic, physical education, students, and community needs over the next decade. To ensure that the stadium facilities remain safe and free of damages, everyone who uses the field and track should take pride and responsibility in the use, care, and upkeep of the facilities.