Facility Scheduling

Online Facility Request System

The Eastern York School District utilizes a web-based reservation system to submit a request to use district facilities. The system provides an easy to use method for District employees, community groups, and other organizations to submit a request and review the status of their request. Using the District’s FMX website, you can enter the details of the event, your organization’s information, and select from a list of available resources such as athletic fields, gyms, classrooms and more.

To ensure timely processing, all requests must be submitted 21 days before the intended use.


Upon submitting your request you will receive an email acknowledging that your request was submitted. To keep you informed and to communicate any additional questions or to update you on the status of your request, you will receive additional email notifications every time your request is responded to, approved or denied.

To ensure your request is properly processed, please respond to notifications in a prompt manner.

Estimates and Invoices

If your request has any associated charges, you will receive notification that an estimate needs to be accepted before your request can be processed and receive final approval. Following the conclusion of your event, you will receive an invoice through the FMX system requesting payment.

Guidelines and facility rental fees for the use of District facilities are outlined in the Eastern York School District Board Policy 707.


Please follow the instructions below to create a user account and schedule your event. A video is available to guide you through the process of submitting a facility usage request and if you have any questions you may direct them to Todd Hoover at thoover@easternyork.net

  1. Go to the District’s FMX Facility Request website.

    1. Before submitting your request, review the calendar for availability.

    2. Click on the "Log in" button if you already have an account.

    3. Click on “Register” if it is your first time using the system.

  2. On the Calendar page, you can review your scheduling request and track the status of your request. Use the key icon in the upper right corner of the calendar to view the key color chart.

  3. Click the red “+New Request” button in the upper right corner to submit your request.

  4. Complete all fields in the "New Schedule Request" page. Fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in. Click the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

  5. Your request will appear on the calendar on the first day of your request. You can also see your request by clicking on the Schedule Request in the left-hand menu.

To view the training video go to https://fmx.wistia.com/medias/tmv18tq4oi?wvideo=tmv18tq4oi

Please note

The Board reserves the right to deny permission to use its facilities, consistent with applicable law when it deems this action to be in the best interests of the district. Use of facilities shall not be granted for activities/groups which will, or are likely to, interfere with ingress/egress to school property or otherwise interfere with, disrupt or detract from district educational processes, programs, events or extracurricular activities.