Attendance Policy

Kimberly Nickle – Pupil Services Specialist

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Elizabeth Kilhefner – HS Attendance Clerk

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Kimberly Sipe – CES Attendance Clerk

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In order for students to receive the full benefits of the quality education offered by the Eastern York School District, they must attend school regularly. It is the combined responsibility of the student and parents to insure regular attendance at school.


  • A parent/guardian is required to notify the student’s school attendance office by 8:30 am for secondary schools and 9:30 am for elementary buildings when a student is absent and state the nature and possible duration of the absence. An "excuse card" (available for printing at our "forms" page) is still required following any absence. The "Card" must be submitted within three (3) school days following the absence.

Early Dismissal:

  • Students must bring a note to the student’s school attendance office by the start of the school day stating their name, time of dismissal, reason for dismissal, (along with name and phone number of doctor/dentist/etc.), parent signature and contact phone number. (Required for all students, regardless of age.) Parent or Guardian must report to the attendance office to pick up a student. A note from the doctor or appointment must be returned the next day in order for the absence to be marked excused.

Late to school:

  • Students must have a parent signed note with them when they arrive at school stating their name, date, time, Block 1 room number and reason for the late arrival. (Required for all students, regardless of age.)

Eastern York School District has implemented several new policies regarding attendance. These changes have been explained in the Student Handbook distributed to all students the first days of school. A brief overview of the changes and additions are as follows:

  • Unexcused Tardiness will be calculated in hour increments. Example: if a student is fifteen (15) minutes late, the time will be counted as one full hour. This enables our attendance clerks to keep more effiicient records and adds a deterrent to students who are tardy.

  • MS and HS students arriving to school (unexcused) after 8:30 will receive one-half day of absence OR 3.5 hours of tardy accumulation.

  • Elementary students arriving to school (unexcused) after 11:30 will not receive credit for attendance on that day.

  • MS and HS students who arrive to school (unexcused) after 10:30 will not receive credit for attendance for that day.

  • Early dismissal requests must be submitted to the building attendance office before the morning announcements. Medical or Dental appointments will only be excused if the student returns with a note or special excuse card from the physician or dentist. If no note is received, the time will accumulate the same as the tardiness policy.

  • After ten (10) days of absence, excluding previously excused absences by a doctor, pre-approved travel, and approved personal leave, students will be required to present a doctor's note for every absence from this point forward. Parents will receive a certified letter if the son/daughter has reached the doctor's note status.

  • In order to participate in an athletic practice, extra-curricular practice, event, or contest, student must be in attendance by 10:30am.

  • You will note that EXCUSED absences/tardies are still accepted, but Eastern is emphasizing the importance of regular school attendance. All districts are adopting these changes as part of a County-wide initiative to prevent truancy and to increase academic success within our district. Students must be present in school to learn and succeed.