Attendance Policy

Kimberly Nickle – Pupil Services Specialist

252-1555 ext. 33231

Allyson Knuth – HS Attendance Clerk

252-1551 ext. 60502

Bonita Sharp – MS Attendance Clerk

252-3400 ext. 70501

Kimberly Sipe – CES Attendance Clerk

252-3674 ext. 22902

Allison Karanicolas – KC Attendance Clerk

757-9682 ext. 21501

Cassondra Ishman– WES Attendance Clerk

252-3676 ext. 23501

In order for students to receive the full benefits of the quality education offered by the Eastern York School District, they must attend school regularly. It is the combined responsibility of the student and parents to insure regular attendance at school.


Early Dismissal:

Late to school:

Eastern York School District has implemented several new policies regarding attendance. These changes have been explained in the Student Handbook distributed to all students the first days of school. A brief overview of the changes and additions are as follows: