Summer Learning

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Summer Learning Grid

Summer learning Nursery

Sharing a Shell part 1:

Sharing a shell part 1.webm

Sharing a Shell part 2:

Sharing a Shell part 2.webm

Please Mr Panda:

17/6 Please Mr Panda.webm

Duck and Goose story:

Duck and Goose story .MOV

Do no take you dragon for dinner:

Do Not Take Your Dragon To Dinner.webm

The Listening Walk

The Listening walk.MOV

The Odd Egg:

Hummingbird Greeting 20th May and story.webm

Circle time 18/5/20- Nine Ducks Nine:

Nine ducks Nine.webm
King Cat (1).webm
Here Come the Aliens.webm

Quacking Time Story:

Hummingbird story It's Quacking Time.webm
__Theres a dragon in your book_ Apr 3, 2020 11_02 AM.webm

The Colour Monster :


22nd April:

22_4hummingbird greeting and story.webm

Songs and Stories

What the Ladybird heard

3003hummingbird story wat the ladybird heard.webm

Every Bunny Dance:

300320 Puffin Every Bunny Dance.webm


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