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Songs and Stories

"Five minutes peace"

Copy of The Large Family - Five Minutes' Peace 14.1.21.webm

"Love Monster & the Last Chocolate"

Love Monster and the last chocolate 22/2/21.webm

"The Colour Monster"

colour monster 1/3/21.webm
Jack and the Beanstalk part 1 circle time 1/2/21.webm

"Jack and the Beanstalk"- Pt 1

Jack and the Beanstalk part 2 1/2/21.webm

"Jack and the Beanstalk"- Pt 2

Peppa's Chinese New Year (circle time).webm

Peppas Chinese New Year

"Aliens love underpants"

Copy of Aliens Love Underpants 15.1.21.webm

"A house in the woods"- Pt 1

A House in the woods part 1 25/01/21.webm

"A house in the woods"- Pt 2

A House in the woods part 2 25/01/21.webm

"Chicken Licken"

Copy of Chicken Licken 15.1.21.webm

"The 3 little pigs"

The three little pigs.webm

"Lets build a house"

Let's build a house - circle time 11/01/21.webm

"Handa`s Surprise"- Pt1

circle time Handa's Surprise part 1 14/01/21.webm

"Handa`s Surprise"-Pt 2

circle time part2 Handa's Surprise 14/01/21.webm

Sharing a Shell part 1

Sharing a shell part 1.webm

Sharing a Shell part 2

Sharing a Shell part 2.webm

Every Bunny Dance

300320 Puffin Every Bunny Dance.webm

What the Ladybird heard

3003hummingbird story wat the ladybird heard.webm

Duck and Goose story

Duck and Goose story .MOV

There`s a dragon in my book

__Theres a dragon in your book_ Apr 3, 2020 11_02 AM.webm

Do no take you dragon for dinner

Do Not Take Your Dragon To Dinner.webm

Here come the aliens

Here Come the Aliens.webm

Quacking Time Story

Hummingbird story It's Quacking Time.webm

The ugly duckling

22_4hummingbird greeting and story.webm

The Odd Egg

Hummingbird Greeting 20th May and story.webm

Nine Ducks Nine

Nine ducks Nine.webm

The Colour Monster


Please Mr Panda

17/6 Please Mr Panda.webm

The Listening Walk

The Listening walk.MOV

King Cat

King Cat (1).webm


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