All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education.


In order to register a child for a Nursery place, please contact the school office directly or you can download an application form below,

Reception class

The law says your child must attend school full time from the start of the term following his or her fifth birthday. In Swindon children can begin school from the September after their fourth birthday.

Within this policy, full-time education will be made available for all autumn and spring born pupils from the beginning of the autumn term. Pupils who become five between April and August will be able to receive half-time education during the autumn term. Full-time education for such pupils can commence from January. This can be explained as follows:-

Although this policy will enable your child to take advantage of a three year infant course, there is no obligation on you to send your child to school until s/he reaches statutory school age (i.e. the beginning of the term after his/her fifth birthday). You decide, within the law and the Borough Council’s policy, when you wish your child to start school.

Schools may not require children to be admitted to school before statutory school age. Even children who have already started school in other parts of the country and then moved to Swindon cannot be admitted early unless there are very exceptional social or medical reasons.

Children living within the designated area of the school have priority for admission provided that their parents formally register them for school before the deadline date, which is usually during February. Children from outside the designated area of Hazelwood Academy will only be admitted if the admission limit for the year group they will be entering has not been reached and their registration is made before the deadline date. The limit currently stands at 30. It should be noted that class sizes in Key Stage 1 are legally limited to 30, which means that a child may be refused admission if this would result in class sizes of more than 30.

Primary School Admissions

Swindon Coordinated Scheme and Admission Arrangements - Academic Year 2017/18