Competitions & Courses


Students in year 7 - 13 are invited to participate in the national  junior, intermediate and senior maths challenge competition 

Jack Petchy Speak Out Challenge

English students in year 10 develop their public speaking skills through their involvement in this national competition

BAFTA Young Game Designers

Students in year 7 - 13 with a keen interest in gaming are challenged to create a game concept or original game in this national competition

The Big Draw: A Climate of Change

Students in year 7 - 13 will participate in The Big Draw Festival, a worldwide celebration of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention 


Eton-X Courses 

To keep up with our rapidly changing world and stand out from the crowd, students need to be great communicators, great collaborators, adaptable, resilient and creative. 

EtonX delivers courses that bridge the gap between academic success and life in the real world. 

Students in Year 10 - 12 have been enrolled in courses to develop the key skills to be successful. 

Year 10: Creative Problem Solving  (Access code: 5XCZ0NNK)

Year 11: Interview Skills (Access code: OA61ZCM7)

Year 12: Public Speaking Skills (Access code: M4NBQQKH)

Year 13: Interview Skills (Access code: I5YXQKBH)

Students can register with their school email and access code at EtonX  to start their course!