Rhino to Illustrator Tutorial (Summer 2014 Workshop)
Video (1 hour, 20 min)


Photoshop Tutorial 1 (Summer 2014 Workshop)PDF  Video


Other Adobe CC Apps

Adobe Color - Create custom color palettes


Quick Start:
Introduction to Rhino (9m, 10s). Starting Rhino, setting units, importing a scan "at scale," 2D tracing.
Layers in Rhino (7m, 35s). Working with layers, tracing a scan.

Introduction Tutorials:
Rhino Tutorial 1 (Summer 2014 Workshop): PDF  Video
Rhino Tutorial 2 (Summer 2014 Workshop)PDF  Video
Rhino Tutorial 3 (Summer 2014 Workshop)PDF  Video

How to make a site model  (BDA Workshop):

Other Rhino Tutorials:


Introductory Tutorials:

Evolutionary Computing with Grasshopper and Galapagos
Video Tutorial (36 min)

Jeff Niemasz's Workshop:

Other GH Tutorials:


Part 1 (video tutorial): Setting up a drawing

Part 2 (video tutorial): Layers

Part 3 (video tutorial): Quick Print, Lineweight

Lineweight in AutoCAD (text tutorial)

AutoCAD Plot Style Tables (text tutorial)

Scale Factors (text tutorial)


ArcGIS Pro
(Map creating & analyzing)

Installation Instructions (text tutorial)

[* If a student has a Mac/Apple computer, they will need to use Bootcamp or Parallels (which are separate software), 
and obtain a Windows license (discounted from UMN computer store), in order to run ArcGIS Pro, which only runs on Windows.]

Adobe AfterEffects

How to use AE to present your analysis :

            Tutorial #1 (video tutorial) : Introduction & basic operation (1hr)

            Tutorial #2 (video tutorial) : Animation (32min)

            Tutorial #3 (video tutorial) :  Import AI (Illustrator) into AE (AftetEffect) (10min)

Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing:

            Tutorial #1 (10min video tutorial)
            Tutorial #2 (10min video tutorial)


Scale Factors. This text-based tutorial discusses the concept of scale factor. Includes a link to explanatory spreadsheet.

Exploded Views (Rhino, Revit, and Form-Z to Illustrator). This tutorial covers the basics of producing exploded views in Rhino, Revit, and Form-Z, exporting to Illustrator. Differences between apps; using MAKE2D in Rhino; using Revit's "displaced view"; producing an oblique view in Form-Z. Tutorial recorded in 2020. Video length: 15m, 33s. Captions.

Diagramming in Illustrator (2D Rhino to Illustrator Workflow). Quick steps for moving from 2D Rhino into Illustrator, at scale. Tutorial recorded in 2020. Video length: 6m, 11s. Captions.

Diagramming in Illustrator (3D Rhino to Illustrator Workflow). Generating diagrams from a basic 3D model. Includes some discussion of differences between 2D and 3D workflows. Tutorial recorded in 2020. Video length: 20m. Captions.

Hatching in Rhino. Quick introduction to the hatch process (pattern fill) in Rhino. Tutorial recorded in 2020. Video length: 3m, 16s. Captions.

CURVEBOOLEAN in Rhino. Useful command for automatically tracing outlines and silhouettes of complex areas. Tutorial recorded in 2020. Video length: 1m, 39s. No audio; captions only.

Linetypes in Rhino. Assigning linetypes to layers; setting up a custom linetype. Tutorial recorded in 2021. Video length: 8m. Captions.

(NEW) Exploded Axon Drawing Tutorial - (Rhino to Illustrator, Rhino to Photoshop)   (46min Video)

(NEW) Section drawing Tutorial - (Rhino to Illustrator) (14min Video)

Hidden Line Drawing Tutorial - (Rhino to Illustrator) (13min Video)

Sunpath Drawing Tutorial - (Rhino to Illustrator) (11min Video)


         Tutorial #0 - Enscape New Interface  (6min video)

         Tutorial #1 - Introduction (12min video)

         Tutorial #2 - Assign Texture (25min video)
         Tutorial #3 - Export Image & Video (24min video)


Video Tutorials:

To request a new tutorial: email Mike Christenson (mike001@umn.edu)

For DAs with editing capabilities: Instructions for Creating Tutorials