New York State Master Teacher Program - North Country Region

North Country Cohort Supervisor - Kathleen Fessette -

Hot Off the "Press"

  • Want to host your own PLT? Fill out THIS FORM. Check out an example below for the information that should be included in a PLT.
  • 5 Minute Fillers - Great icebreakers and ways to get to know each other. LINK

North Country Master Teacher Program 2019-2020 - Professional Development and Cohort Meetings

The NCMTP will meet during the following dates. All cohort and full day meetings are mandatory. Monthly cohort meetings will be hosted in three sites; Plattsburgh, Canton and Carthage. An agenda will be sent to all MT’s prior to the meeting. Please review the information before the scheduled meeting. Site leaders in each site will facilitate the meetings and will act as a liaison to the Regional Director. NC Fellows will choose one site to attend the monthly meetings and will be asked to sign in at each meeting.

The monthly cohort meetings will have the following structure:

  • 4:30- 4:45 – MTs gather and discuss the Agenda for the meeting - sent prior to the gathering - During this time questions for the Regional Director will be recorded by each site leader and typed into a Google Doc.
  • 4:45-5:15 - Regional Director begins the “Zoom Meeting” answering questions from each site.
  • 5:15 – 6:15 – Planned/coordinated professional development activities for each site – based on discussion from retreat at Minnowbrook and July planning session.
  • 6:15 - 6:30 - Master Teacher time to log monthly hours & reflect in professional journals.

Engagement Information:

  • Cohort Meetings: 2 hours
  • Full Day Meetings: 5 hours
  • (Exception Annual Retreat)
  • North Country Challenge: 1.5 hours/month
  • NYS Mini Course: 2 hr/session X 3= 6 hours

Upcoming Statewide Opportunities

    • Understanding the Skin You're In - September 24, October 1 and 8 - Binghamton University - LINK to RSVP
    • Core Ideas in Graph Theory with Alan Tucker - October 23, 30 and November 6 - Stony Brook University - LINK to RSVP
    • Andy Berglund (RNA Institute) - November 7, 14, 21 - UAlbany

MT's Andrea Inserra and Lisa Dunkelburg in Taiwan presenting at the IWEE lectures.

NCMPT ONLY Links coming SOON*

  • Engagement Form (hours)
  • PLT Faclitation Instructions
  • External Funding
  • Requires Permission - email

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NC Challenge 2018-2019

  • Winners - Plattsburgh - the Sock Interviews
  • Canton - TEACHERS
  • Watertown - What's it Like to be a MT?

See the videos (limited access)

Current STEMreach - LINK

Looking for news, PD activities and more NYS Master Teacher news? Check out the STEMreach archive.

NCMTP Highlights

Where did you go this summer?


You may have seen the news: G+ (the host for this closed on-line NYSMTP Network) is going away April 2. The central office is in the process of migrating the network space to SUNY Workplace. The K-5 teachers received details and the invite to join. More info will be shared here and in the February newsletter. --Josephine

Sharing Materials

Find materials created by Master Teachers in the NYSMTP Exchange at, the archive of resources developed by and for NYS Master Teachers. (You are welcome to share publicly these resources. Remember to give credit to the creator.)