Installation Guide

This guide will walk you through InterPSS installation process. It also outlines key administration steps to maintain InterPSS user data.

Download InterPSS Release

First, please download InterPSS from SourceForge directly. InterPSS also has a development release, which has the latest features under development, but may not be fully tested yet and may contain bugs.

Install InterPSS on Windows

Please backup your existing InterPSS installation before proceeding to a new InterPSS installation.

Check Java installation

InterPSS is developed using Java programming language. InterPSS depends on Java runtime environment from SUN Micro System to run. To check your computer Java installation, launch a CMD window from Start/run/cmd and type the following command

C:\>java -version

java version "1.6.0"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0-b105)

Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0-b105, mixed mode)

Make sure that your Java version is "1.6.0" or above. If you do not have Java installed on your computer, please go to SUN Java Distribution Site to download Java JDK 6.0 and install it to your computer.

Unzip Installation File

InterPSS release distribution file is a zip file. Unzip the installation zip file to a temporary directory.

Install InterPSS

Double-click or run the install.bat file, distributed in the zip file, to install InterPSS. You may need to modify install.bat, if your Java installation is not in your Path.

You need to accept InterPSS open-source license to continue InterPSS installation.

    • Ipss/User Workspace: You have option not to install Ipss/User Workspace (Ipss Workspace + Ipss/User Database Files). If you already have an existing InterPSS installation, and have existing projects in the Ipss/User Workspace, we recommend do not install Ipss/User Workspace by un-check Ipss Workspace and Ipss/User Database Files. Otherwise, your existing files in the Ipss/User workspace directory and data in the User database will be overwritten by the new installation.
    • Sample Workspace: You have option not to install Sample Workspace (Sample Workspace + Sample Database Files). InterPSS Sample Workspace includes latest InterPSS samples. We recommend install with each new release.
    • Grid Computing Library: Library for InterPSS Grid Computing solution. This is for more advanced users to perform power system simulation on a network of many computers. There is no need to install the library if you only perform your simulation on your desktop PC only.

After completing the installation successfully, you should see an InterPSS desktop icon and an InterPSS program menus as shown in the above diagram.

Windows Vista Installation

Windows Vista has a different security model, if you want to install InterPSS to your "Program Files" directory. Follow the following steps:

1. Click on Start>All Programs>Accessories

2. Right click on "Command Prompt" shortcut

3. Select "Run as administrator"

4. In the command prompt window, change the current directory to where you have decompressed the zip file to.

For example, C:>Windows>System32>cd c:\setup\interpsss

5. Optional - Type the command "dir" to check files inside the new directory


Volume in drive C has no label.

Volume Serial Number is xxxx-xxxx

Directory of c:\Setup\InterPSSS

10/23/2007 09:52 PM <DIR> .

10/23/2007 09:52 PM <DIR> ..

10/22/2007 06:47 PM 37 install.bat

10/22/2007 06:48 PM 40,968,653 interpss-install-1.3.00.jar

05/20/2007 05:37 AM 683 readme.txt

3 File(s) 40,969,373 bytes

2 Dir(s) 16,808,923,136 bytes free

6. Optional - Type "java -version" to check your Java version. Please make sure that you have java version is "1.6.0" or above.

7. Type "java -jar interpss-install-x.x.xx.jar" to start installation

8. Follow instructions on your screen

The above instruction was sent to us by Dave@KMITL. We would like to thank Dave!

Test InterPSS Installation

After the installation, you should be able to run InterPSS. Select the IEEE-14Bus.ipss project under the samples project folder, you should see the following screen.

InterPSS Development Release

InterPSS development release (download Full Release, Update and Release Notes) has the latest features under development. These features may not be fully tested yet. Please use it with care.

Full Development Release Installation

Please follow the readme.txt distributed with the development release to install InterPSS Dev Release.

Apply Dev Release Patch

To apply dev release patch, just unzip the patch zip file to the same dev release installation directory.

Document/Data Version Control/Backup

InterPSS documents and data are stored in the following directories

    • Ipss Workspace
        • Project documents : <install dir>/workspace
        • Project database data : <install>/db/IpssDB
    • Sample Workspace
        • Project documents : <install dir>/sample_ws
        • Project database data : <install>/db/SampleDB

You could backup and/or version control data in the Ipss Workspace to ensure that your work is fully recoverable in the event of major computer failure.