InterPSS Cloud Edition (Deprecated)

Please Help : InterPSS Cloud Edition and application of Could Computing to power system simulation is still in the process to become mature. Please send us feedback and test cases if you have any issue in running your study.


Cloud computing is the evolution of a variety of technologies that have come together to alter an organization’s approach to building out the information technology (IT) infrastructure. With Cloud Computing, users can access resources on demand via the network from anywhere, for as long as they need, without worrying about any maintenance or management of actual resources.

InterPSS Cloud Edition is currently hosted at the Google Cloud using the Google App Engine. As shown in the above diagram, Google App Engine provides a Java runtime environment. InterPSS simulation engine has been deployed into the Java Runtime environment and running there 24x7, accessible anywhere around the world.

After uploading a file in one of the supported formats, you can perform various kind of analysis, depending on the content of the file, including AC Loadflow analysis, DC system analysis, distribution system analysis, and optimal power flow (OPF) analysis. The following is a sample screen of AC Loadflow analysis:

CUP Time

Guest User - According to Google, Google AppEngine CPU time is reported in "seconds," which is equivalent to the number of CPU cycles that can be performed by a 1.2 GHz Intel x86 processor in that amount of time. The actual number of CPU cycles spent varies greatly depending on conditions internal to App Engine, so this number is adjusted for reporting purposes using this processor as a reference measurement. At the end of each analysis run, you will fine the following statement:

Total AppEngine CUP sec: 1.477

Which indicates how much Google AppEngine CUP time is used for the analysis run. Currently, Google limits the max CUP time per analysis request to 30 Google AppEngine CPU sec.

Advanced User - Please contact for unlimited Cloud computing CUP usage.