Sparse Matrix Solution

InterPSS sparse matrix solution interface is defined in the ipss.numeric project, see source code Here.

Four sparse equation solution interfaces have been defined:

  • SparseEngInteger

Sparse equation of data type integer for arrange network bus number to minimize non-zero fill-ins during the LU decomposition process.

  • SpaseEqnDouble

Sparse equation of data type double for solving [A] x [X] = [B].

  • SparseEqnComplex

Sparse equation of data type complex for solving [A] x [X] = [B].

  • SparseEqnMatrix2x2

Sparse equation of data type 2x2 matrix solving [A] x [X] = [B].

Implementation of the interfaces is plugin using the Springframework configuration file.

Sample Implementation

The SparseEqnDouble interface has been implemented, using Apache Common Math Lib, as an example, see source code Here. The implementation has been plugin InterPSS as a Spring bean, as follows:

<bean id="sparseEqnDoubleCommonMath"




To create a SparseEqnDouble object, use the following statement:

SparseEqnDouble e = NumericSpringCtx.getSparseEqnDouble("sparseEqnDoubleCommonMath");