InterPSS PSSL (Power System Simulation Language) - A domain-specific language (DSL) for power system simulation.


Currently there are two ways to use InterPSS:

    • InterPSS GUI : InterPSS GUI is mainly designed for the normal user. Although its functionality could be extended using Java/JavaScript or XML by the advanced user, the freedom for the extension is quite limited.
    • Programming using InterPSS API : Using InterPSS Java API, you have full access to InterPSS power. However, we have noticed that there is a deep learning curve. Java language and InterPSS object-oriented programming style are unlikely accepted and understood by those without formal computer science training.

There is a need to create something in between - a power system simulation domain specific language, which is simple enough to be understood by typical power engineers, software developers and powerful enough for advanced user for research and development purpose. Sample PSSL code can be found Here.