InterPSS Interactive

InterPSS Interactive is an interactive environment for power system simulation using InterPSS simulation engine.

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InterPSS Interacive uses Scala Interactive Interpreter as a warpper for user to interact with InterPSS simulation engine. A PSSL - Power System Simulation Language has been created using Scala for AC Loadflow and DC Loadflow. The following are sample steps to run a loadflow analysis:

scala> lfnet ("sample/ieee14.dat") | load a loadflow case

scala> lf | run loadflow

scala> ls | display loadflow results on the screen

scala> lfnet >> "output/lfresults.txt" | output loadflow results to a text file

InterPSS also has a Python interface, implemented using Jython, for running InterPSS interactively. More details can be found at InterPSS Python Interface.

Sensitivity Analysis

Based on InterPSS DC Loadflow, the following sensitivity analysis features are currently available:

  • Generator Shift Factor Calculation

Generator shifting factor of a branch or an interface ( a set of branches) could be calculated with respect to an injection generator to the slack bus, or an injection generator and a withdraw load bus pair. Also, generation injection could be define using a set of generator buses, each with a distribution factor. The same applies to load withdraw definition.

  • Power Trading Analysis

For a trade, say of 100 MW, from a group of generators to a group of loads, calculate the impact of the trade a branch or an interface's rating limit violation.

  • Line Outage Analysis

For a line outage, calculate the impact of the outage on a branch or an interface's rating limit violation.

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[1] Scala as the long term replacement for java/javac?