Open Data Model (ODM)

The ODM is an Open Model for Exchanging Power System Simulation Data, ODM - Open Data Model for short. The model is defined using XML schema. The schema will be maintained by the IEEE PES OSS Task Force.

ODM Overview - presents an overview of the ODM model.

CIM and ODM - a discussion about CIM and ODM

Data Structure & Relationship - It is our goal to capture all key data relationships found in the existing, commonly used, data formats, including IEEE CDF, PSS/E, BPA and UCTE. It has been observed that although these data formats are quite different at individual record and field level, they have the same underlying data entity/object relationships. After all, these data formats are intended to create the Y-matrix for performing power system analysis. This documents presents detailed analysis of the data structures and the key relationship for power system simulation.

ODM XML Schema Specification - The Open Model for Exchanging Power System Simulation Data (ODM) schema is formally defined in the document.

ODM Tutorial - for those who might be new to XML and associated concepts. A simple 5-bus system is used to show how step-by-step to manually create a XML document, governed by the ODM Model XML Schema.

Reference Implementation - As an important part of the ODM Model development, a reference implementation of the model using Java will be provided. It serves two main purposes:

    • To prove that the model could be practically implemented. “We eat our own dog food”;
    • To serve as a concrete example for those who might new to XML and have difficult to understand how to use the model

QA Test Cases - Test cases for Quality Assurance of the ODM service implementation.

Change Log - Chronically log for the changes.

Current Projects - A list of current on-going ODM related projects.